“I have never rowed before. Can I still try this?”

Of course! 90% of the team had never rowed before coming to ND. We're looking for tough, fit athletes who want to compete for Notre Dame. All you have to bring is your ambition. Our rowers played wildly different high school sports: football, cross country, swimming, soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey. You name it, a rower played it. What they had in common was a desire to take on a challenge and put on a Notre Dame jersey.

Who does Notre Dame compete against?

We race against elite programs from across the country. Michigan, USC, UCLA, Virginia, Texas, and Michigan State are all on the schedule for this coming year. One of the cool things about rowing is that if you win, the teams you're racing against must give you a shirt as a memento of your victory. Called betting shirts, it's a tradition that dates back to the early 1900's. So win a regatta against 20 other schools? Get 20 shirts to take home. Not to mention the hunk of metal.

How will this affect my grades?

Frankly, it shouldn't. Like anything else you'll get involved in on Notre Dame's campus, there's a time commitment attached to rowing. But our recent graduates are firmly represented in the top medical schools in the country, in finance, in graduate programs in biochemistry, history, electrical engineering, and in service programs. You can achieve at a high level in the classroom and on the water--and we expect you to.

When can I start?

Please fill out our recruiting form below for more information! (Mobile users, use this link instead: https://bit.ly/2OqTUHC)