You can make a difference. 

Our Power 50 Campaign is ongoing and continues to make a difference in the club financials.  Phase 1 (new boathouse!!!) was recently completed and all donations into Power 50 now go towards ensuring a successful future for the program we all love.  From here on out, all donations into the Power 50 Campaign will be split between an operations endowment, coaching endowment and the club's day-to-day account.  

We all loved our experience with Notre Dame Rowing.  Many of us have gone on to do great things in our community and some even credit our success back to our rowing days!  Every donation goes towards making sure every athlete who wants to have that same positive experience is able to.  We never want to turn an athlete away who is willing to work hard and put their heart and soul into the team. Donations give us the ability to do that and we thank you for this.

To make a donation towards the club and it's Power 50 Campaign, please follow the link above.