Alumni Row

We would like to thank everyone who made Alumni Row weekend a success, especially the alumni who were able to come back this year. Below are two Alumni Row reflections from the current team captain, Brandon Burdine, and 2008 ND graduate Scott Campbell. R'Irish!

Last weekend, the Men’s Rowing Team had the pleasure of welcoming back our alumni for the annual Alumni Row.   The morning started with Mass outside of the new boathouse overlooking the St. Joe’s.  We then enjoyed a light breakfast and socialized before heading out on the river to relive the glory days, where the current team managed to defeat both alumni boats in a closely contested race.  The day concluded by tailgating and watching the football team cruise to victory over Massachusetts. Personally, the highlight of my morning was being able to meet many of the older alumni, to hear their stories about the team when they were rowers, and to appreciate the long and storied tradition that we have the honor of being a part of.  With more than 50 years of history, it struck me how blessed my teammates and I are to have the opportunity to row for Notre Dame.  It inspired me to work harder each day to continue the legacy that those who came before me have left.   - Brandon Burdine

Alumni Row is circled on my calendar each year.  In addition to attending an Irish football game, it provides an opportunity to hear an update on the team successes, reconnect with old friends, and race some shells!   The team seems off to a strong start to the year with hordes of eager novices learning the craft for the first time from coach Mike and coach Nick.  The clear day and flat water made for an exceptional race against the current team and fellow alumni.  The tailgating lot was filled with barbeque and war stories from my ’08 classmates and previous generations.  Lastly, I believe that the strong alumni presence demonstrates the commitment to the team and university that current students have come to expect and look forward to participating in.  I’m looking forward to next year.  - Scott Campbell