MACRA Results

The team came to MACRAs with a determination to finish on a strong note before several weeks of training for ACRAs. Our entries consisted of the Varsity 8+, two Varsity 4s, and two Novice 8s. 

Under a fierce headwind and choppy water, the Varsity 4A started off the day of racing. In their heat, the varsity 4A pulled away from the field and didn’t look back, finishing in 1st place by open water. They finished with a time of 7:49.4 to advance to the grand final.

Up next was the Varisty 4B. In their heat, the varsity 4B got into a battle with Wheaton. After establishing an effective rhythm, the varisty 4B was able to overcome Wheaton by 0.7 seconds. They finished in 3rd place to advance to the petite final, posting a time of 7:58.3.

The Novice 8A was next to take the water. Facing the same headwind and choppy water, the 1N was forced to lower their rate a few beats in order to keep a solid ratio. They found open water quickly and finished in 1st place with a time of 7:17.8, 17 seconds ahead of the next boat. 

In the very next race, the Novice 8B faced off with two Michigan boats, Minnesota, and Miami. After a fantastic start, the 2N’s race was called back due to a collision between two other boats. This ultimately hurt the 2N, as the second start did not have the rhythm of the first. After a close race with Michigan’s 3N, the novice 8B came in 4th with a time of 7:55.8 to advance to the petite finals. Due to continuous delays throughout the day, the petite final was ultimately cancelled.

The Varsity 8+ was last to compete in their heat.  The V8+ stayed with Mercyhurst through the early stages of the race, and ultimately fell to them by about a boat length. Their time of 7:08.6 earned them 2nd place and a spot in the grand final.

In the afternoon, the Varsity 4B returned to the water to compete in the petite final.

They finished in 3rd place with a time of 7:51.5, a 7 second improvement from their heat earlier that day.  The Varsity 4A, competing in the grand final, had a great race to finish in 2nd behind Michigan A, while beating Michigan State and Michigan B. The varisty 4A, only 3.6 seconds off the winning time, were glad to bring home some hardware.

The Novice 8A’s grand final immediately became a three boat race for first with Mercyhurst and Michigan. After a move at the 1000-meter mark, the 1N led Michigan by a seat and was on Mercyhurst’s stern. However, they were unable to maintain a solid ratio, and finished in third place with a time of 6:53.5 to take home the bronze.

The final race of the day was the Varsity 8’s grand final. In a race featuring many solid crews, the varsity 8 cut over 10 seconds off their heat and beat Mercyhurst, after falling to them in their heat earlier in the day. They finished in 4th place with a time of 6:56.

MACRAs provided our team with great race experience in less than ideal conditions. Two of our boats were able to bring home some hardware, and all boats now know what they need to accomplish in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to some productive training as we head towards ACRAs.