ACRA Results

ACRA Results and End of the Season

2nd Varsity 4+:

Heat:         Place – 2nd 

            Time – 6:56.86

            Advanced to – Finals

Grand Final:    Place – 5th 

            Time – 7:02.36

Varsity 4+:

    Heat:         Place – 4th 

            Time – 6:47.01

Advanced to – Repechage

Repechage:     Place – 1st 

    Time – 6:53.2

    Advanced to – Semi-Final

Semi-Final:    Place – 7th 

    Time – 6:56.1

    Advanced to – Petite Final

Petite Final:    Place – 6th 

    Time: 6:55.84

Varsity 8+:

    Heat:        Place – 3rd 

            Time – 5:56.82

            Advanced to – Semi-Final

    Semi-Final:    Place – 5th 

            Time – 5:54.7

            Advanced to – Petite Final

    Petite Final:    Place – 4th 

            Time – 6:07.42

2nd Novice 8+:

    Heat:        Place – 2nd 

            Time – 6:35.0

            Advanced to – Grand Final

    Grand Final:    Place – 3rd 

            Time – 6:36.22

Novice 8+:

    Heat:        Place – 3rd 

            Time – 6:18.66

            Advanced to – Repechage

    Repechage:    Place – 2nd

            Time – 6:13.2

            Advanced to – Petite Final

    Petite Final:    Place – 2nd 

            Time – 6:16.0

We would like to congratulate the men of Notre Dame Rowing Club on a great season, and also the 2nd Novice 8 for bringing home some hardware from ACRAs. The team made significant strides this year, becoming faster and growing together.

That being said, the team has collectively set the bar higher for Notre Dame Men’s Rowing. Our men are not satisfied with the results from this year’s ACRAs. Already, the team has set their sights on ACRA 2016 and is determined to get faster. Whether lifting weights, erging, or joining their local rowing clubs, our men are taking steps this summer to reach the bar they have all set. 

We are excited to return in the fall and take the Notre Dame Rowing Club to new heights. Thank you to all of our parents and donors who have supported us throughout our season. We look forward to seeing you all next season!