Marietta and Grand Valley Duels

Marietta, OH

The team travelled out to Marietta, OH for the first race of spring season this weekend. The morning started off strong with the 1V8 taking on Marietta head to head and crossing the finish line with a definitive lead. The 2V8 followed suit and won its three boat race against Marietta and the Notre Dame 3V8.

The 1N8 and 2N8 took on Grand Valley to start off the day. The Notre Dame 1N8 crossed the line first, followed by the Notre Dame 2N8 in second, and the Grand Valley novice eight in third.

The afternoon went just as successfully. The 1N8 left it all on the water and won against Marietta. The 1V8 fought hard against Grand Valley and won their second duel of the day. To close out the afternoon, the 2V8 and 3V8 both beat Grand Valley.

Overall, a clean sweep for the Irish! Special thanks to all the parents, friends, and fans that came out to support the team!