Notre Dame Sweeps Marietta

Notre Dame Varsity 8+ pulling away from Marietta

Notre Dame Varsity 8+ pulling away from Marietta

The day started off with some changes we had not expected.  Ohio's Dillon Lake had dropped a few feet overnight and the finish line was more sand than it was water.  Because of this, we were forced to change the races to 1500m.  Needless to say, we were just happy to get some early-season racing experience against a storied Varsity Program.

Marietta was fielding a Varsity 8+ and a Novice 8+.  We brought a Varsity 8+, 2V8+, Novice 8+ and 2N8+.  The first race of the morning was Marietta's Varsity crew against our first and second varsity 8s.  The race was a little rocky for us but the varsity 8 was able to start pulling away a few hundred meters in and won by 5 seconds.  The second varsity 8 had never rowed in their lineup but felt like they made some great strides forward.  The next race for the morning was our novice boats.  The Notre Dame novice 8+ took charge right off the starting line and never looked back; winning by 7 seconds.  The second novice 8 felt like they rowed well but there is much more speed there to take advantage of.

In the afternoon we did two 4 minute pieces against Marietta.  Our second varsity 8 showed some significant improvement off of the morning race.  The varsity 8 and novice 8s took care of business and beat their respective boats by a vast margin.  

It was great to bring home some competitor shirts so early in the spring season.  We are excited to build on our victory and continue to gain speed.  Next up is San Diego Crew Classic and we hope to see some of you out there!