Lubbers Cup 2019

We can now confirm that the Don Lubbers Cup regatta is an actual event, instead of just hearing that we’re going to be racing there and it inevitably being canceled either the day before or day of due to weather.

On Saturday, we opened up racing with the 1V and 2V racing Grand Valley’s 1V and Ohio State’s 1V. Our 1V took first, with the 2V taking a close third behind Grand Valley. The 3V and 1N raced next against Adrian’s and Grand Valley’s frosh. The 3V took a decisive victory, with the 1N in second, victorious over the other freshmen crews. Our V4 raced Grand Valley as well, leaving it all out on the course but unfortunately falling to second.

In the afternoon, the 3V once again left everyone behind, winning by nearly 18 seconds over Michigan’s and Grand Valley’s frosh. The 1N beat Michigan’s 3V, only falling to Ohio State’s frosh by 4 seconds. The V4 went out on the course with something to prove that afternoon and handily beat Michigan’s 2V4 and Ohio State. The 2V got revenge on Grand Valley’s 1V and walked through them in the afternoon, only falling 9 seconds behind Michigan’s 1V. The 1V took no prisoners and beat Ohio State, Michigan’s 2V, and Vanderbilt by nearly 20 seconds.

The true racing, however, came Sunday morning. In every boat category, we dueled Michigan head-to-head. Highlighting the day were wins in the 2V and 3V. The frosh fell to Michigan by 5 seconds; the 1V, 3 seconds.

We’ll be back for them. We’ve got speed to find. We’ll keep working. We won’t stop until they turn around at the finish line in Georgia and see us celebrating.

Row Irish.