SIRA 2019

On this Easter weekend, we raced to the best showing we've had at SIRA yet.

Friday's racing was mostly uneventful, with all boats entering time trials and leaving with either a spot in the grand final or a semi-final.

Saturday is when the fun truly began. The 1N opened up the day with a 2nd place finish to Ohio State, earning them a spot in grands. The 2V quickly followed up with a similar result to Florida Tech. The 3V, racing in the 2V event, fought hard but ultimately fell to a 4th place finish, placing them in the petite final. The 1V capped off the morning with a solid 2nd place finish to Stetson, securing them a spot in grands, marking the first time the 1V has made the grand final at this regatta since 2009.

The afternoon started with our V2x taking 7th overall at the regatta. The 1N quickly followed, flipping the script on their semi with Ohio State earlier in the day and earning a silver medal, falling only to Virginia. The 3V came down the course next, fighting for a well-earned 2nd place in petites, 8th overall in the 2V category. Then, in an absolute barn-burner of a race, the 2V clawed their way to a gold medal, beating out Delaware by less than three tenths of a second. Finally, the 1V finished their historic regatta with a bronze, losing only by a second to currently-ranked 1st (in ACRA) Purdue and Florida Tech.

As with every victory, we celebrate today, but tomorrow get back to work; every single other team will be fired up after their loss, chomping at the bit for another go at us, and we have to be ready. ACRA is only a month away, and we intend on our best showing yet. Season isn't over yet. Keep sending it.

Row Irish!