ACRA 2019

Another year in the books, another unprecedented performance at ACRA.

Once again, we put every single one of our eights into grand finals: the 1V, 2V, 3V, and 1N. Prophesized by our fearless leader Mike Lehmann, our 3V became national champions, our fourth national championship boat in the history of the club and the first ever boat in the history of ACRA to win the event. Our 2V fought tooth and nail down the course to fight to a 2nd place finish, throwing down the best performance our 2nd varsity boat has ever produced. Our 1V left every single ounce of energy they had out on the course, only a length down from the national champions. Our 1N did the same, a fantastic performance for the group of novice. Our V2x and V1x also came in 12th and 9th overall, respectively.

In team points, we threw down a monstrous 3rd place finish, a phenomenal performance for a team with very few small boats entered.

Overall, an amazing showing from the Notre Dame oarsmen and coxswains. We're not done yet though. We won't stop until we're taking that top spot in every category.

Row Irish!