MACRA 2019

The team traveled back to Grand Rapids, MI to compete against the best of the Midwest this past weekend.

The morning was relatively unexciting, starting with the 1V4 and 2V4 racing in heats for a spot in grands. The 1V4 easily took 1st, with the 2V4 unfortunately falling to a 3rd place finish placing them in petites later that afternoon. The 2- was next, coming in 2nd securing them a spot to grands. Then came the 1N and the 1V, both easily taking their heats to fight for a spot on the podium later that afternoon.

The afternoon was a bit more thrilling. The 1V4 continued their success of the morning by fighting Minnesota to the line and taking gold by the skin of their teeth. The 2- was run into by Michigan State, unfortunately ending their race before it ever really began. The 1N raced hard but fell to Michigan by 9 seconds. The 2V, in their first and last race of the day, fell to Michigan and Mercyhurst, taking bronze. Finally, the 1V finished off the day with the same result as the 2V, falling to Michigan and Mercyhurst, but in a much tighter margin.

The team's back on campus now with a chip on our shoulders. The results weren't awful, but we've got more in us. We're hungry for ACRA. Only 23 days left.

Row Irish.